戦闘力診断 – 本当の強さを知れ!Testiiの診断・心理テストシリーズ 11.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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– Testii 11.0 MOD Unlimited Money

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戦闘力診断 – 本当の強さを知れ!Testiiの診断・心理テストシリーズ (MOD, Unlimited Money) もし、だれかと殴り合いのケンカになったら、



はたして、 自身に備わっているだろうか?

そうした、戦いのための能力こそが「戦闘力」!! 少年漫画に憧れて、自身の戦闘力がいかほどのものか、思いを馳せたことのある方もいらっしゃるのではないでしょうか。


このアプリでは、ランダムに出題される15問の質問や心理テストにより、回答者の戦闘力を数値化します!! カジュアルに遊べるパーティーゲームとしての診断アプリです!!





みんなが診断を作って投稿し合うサイト、Testiiへのリンク付きです。 アプリで遊び終わったら、行ってみましょう!!

一期一会の会話サービスが新規リリース♪ 身近な友達には話せない、言いにくい恋愛話を知らないだれかに聞いてもらおう! また、あなたの恋愛の経験を活かして、相談相手の聞き手になろう!


皆様に今後も無料でアプリを遊んでいただけるよう、広告を掲載させていただいております。 ご理解の上、今後ともよろしくお願いいたします♪

Testii – http://testii.net
If, If you become to fight someone and fisticuffs,
If, when attacked by a thug in the street at night,
If, If you wait too long and met the bear in the woods,

Really, Will you be able to yourself win?

Muscular strength mowing down the opponent,
Skill dealing with weapons,
Physical strength to continue the battle,

Really, I wonder is equipped with its own?

If you do, what capacity for the fight is longing to “combat power” !! boy comics, or not fighting force of its own of how much, or will not be for some people who have thinking of.
However, in this civilized society, you do not have as many opportunities to confirm his power.

Only in such a case, the “combat force diagnosis” !!

In this application, the 15 questions of questions and psychological tests that will appear on the exam at random, is a diagnostic application as a party game to play in and then quantify the combat force of the respondents !! casual !!

Do it yourself also good, also good compete with friends and results. Hata also, when it is going to be a fight of someone blows what, in the superiority or inferiority of the result of the diagnosis, why not given the victory or defeat?

◆ ◇ Recommended !! it to this ◆ ◇
“Combat power” is a concern of ☆ yourself
☆ I want to use a topic making
☆ psychological tests, fortune-telling, do better diagnosis
☆ psychological tests, fortune-telling, are interested in diagnosis
☆ want a little killing time
☆ not sleep, spare time

With a simple question and psychological test, you can know your combat force.
In addition, this application program, you can enjoy free of charge.

◆ ◇ new features: diagnostic Rogopazuru ◇ ◆
It is Rogopazuru of cute diagnostic characters. Aim, national ranking # 1! After diagnosis, please challenge by all means ♪

◆ ◇ cooperation with the “Testii * Everyone’s diagnosis” ◇ ◆
Site that everyone with each other to post to make a diagnosis, it is with a link to the Testii. When you are finished playing in the app, let’s go !!

◆ ◇ “Chatii * love talk” is open ◇ ◆
Conversational service of once-in-a-lifetime chance can not speak to the new release ♪ familiar friends, trying to get to listen to someone who does not know the love story that hard to say! In addition, taking advantage of your love experience, will be the listener of consultation opponent!
Because it is not a dating service ※, the function or the like for encounter Sorry, we have not found any.
We will provide the service for free, so as to be able to operate Let’s continue to better service with everyone ☆

◇ ◆ regard to problems of application ◇ ◆
Such as app fall suddenly, if the operation is unstable, by stopping the other apps in the start-up, please try because there is likely to be eliminated.

◇ ◆ to the application provided free of charge ◇ ◆
So that you play the app for free in the future to everyone, we are allowed to advertise. On your understanding, thank you in the future ♪

■ sources
Testii – http://testii.net

v5.4 ランキング接続の最適化に伴う更新
v5.5 結果表示の最適化に伴う更新
v6.0 バグの修正に伴う更新
v8.0 「お届け診断」とポイント機能を追加
v9.0 広告の削減とデザインの調整に伴う更新
v9.1 一部Androidバージョンの不具合を解消
v10.0 アプリ内アイコンデザインのリニューアルに伴う更新

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戦闘力診断 – 本当の強さを知れ!Testiiの診断・心理テストシリーズ Casual Game: 

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Download 戦闘力診断 – 本当の強さを知れ!Testiiの診断・心理テストシリーズ APK file from androidimod.com then follow these steps:

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  • Tap the APK file you downloaded (net.testii.sentouryokutest)
  • Tap Install when prompted, the APK file you downloaded will be installed on your device.

Update Phone Settings:

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